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Friday Barnes 5-8 Book Report!

I haven’t been on insideadog for a while because I’ve been busy reading FRIDAY BARNES! I have read all of the books that are published. But recently I was on R.A Spratt’s website, where she had posted ”Sometime in 2021 FRIDAY BARNES 9 will be on sale” I am excited for that! I will now talk about the Friday Barnes books.

As usual, the Friday Barnes books were exciting, mysterious and always ended on a cliff hanger! I love the 8th book so much that I will focus on that for this post!

In the 7th book, the headmaster has a heart attack, due to that, there had to be a new headmaster. The headmaster turned into a headmistress named Dr Belcredi. Friday has her suspicions about the headmaster, she knew that something was going on but she didn’t know what! Friday thinks that Dr Belcredi doesn’t want Friday to disrupt her plans, so she was moved to Yr 12, that meant she would have to study harder and wouldn’t have enough time to snoop around school!

Now that Friday is in Yr 12, Melanie Pelly, her best friend, is no longer by her side. Friday has been moved to the Yr 12 dormitories, which are bigger and better, but she does not like them because Melanie couldn’t be her dorm buddy. Luckily for Friday, Melanie’s older brother, Binky Pelly has become Friday’s new assistant for he is also in Yr 12.

Even though Friday isn’t in the same class as Ian, they still find time to fight and bicker {In their friendly sort of way}.

I’ll stop blabbering now so I don’t spoil too much. If you like I can do a separate book review of the Friday Barnes series, tell me in the comments what you think!


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R.A. Spratt is such a fantastic author. She is amazing to see live too so if you ever get the chance go and see her she is loads of fun. ( Nanny Piggins makes me laugh until my stomach hurts!)

8th Apr, 20

I've seen her live on a school excursion!

8th Apr, 20