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Friday Barnes first 4 books


  1. It always ends on a cliffhanger, so when finishing the book it makes me want to go buy the next book or just pick it up and start reading if I already have it!
  2. I love the characters! They all have a great personality and I wish they would just jump right out the book so I could meet them!
  3. I love it how in like every book, all of the little pranks and mysteries end up to be part of the one big mystery!


Thankyou for reading my Friday Barnes first 4 books report



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27th Jan, 20
inky State Library Victoria

I love the characters too - especially Melanie.

28th Jan, 20

I love Melanie too!

28th Jan, 20

I haven’t read any Friday Barnes, they look like good books!

28th Jan, 20

They sound and look great - remind me a bit of Nancy Drew

5th Feb, 20

Yesss I love Friday Barnes. They're great books!

5th Feb, 20

I Love Nancy Drew! I haven't read the books but I have watched the movie! Forrestpuff: How many Friday Barnes books have you read? I'm up to number 5!

6th Feb, 20